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If you want the reassurance of fully accredited funeral directors, we've got the qualifications you're looking for.


We're members of The National Association of Funeral Directors and The British Institute of Embalmers for your total peace of mind.

The days immediately following the loss of a loved one can be particularly traumatic. J & J Lindsay are here for you at this difficult time.


We'll take care of all the formalities and funeral arrangements to take some of the stress away from you.

Funeral directors you can trust to be there for you

A helping hand when it's time to say goodbye

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Come to a fully accredited funeral director

- A funeral director who cares

- Burials and cremations

- Religious and non-religious services

- Church and crematorium services

- The music of your choice

- A selection of coffins

- Monumental masons

- Headstone restorations

A comprehensive range of services

If you'd like to make things easier for your friends and family when the time comes, we offer funeral plans customised to suit your needs. We offer a completely personalised service, covering all aspects of funeral arrangements, for a send-off as unique as you are.

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Smartly dressed man at a funeral